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Subdivision Geelong

Subdivision in Geelong can be financially rewarding as well as a great investment strategy particularly if you already own a property or are a first-time property investor new to land development.
The main benefit of subdivision is that it provides developers with greater flexibility i.e. you can either sell newly created lots, decide to build first and then sell or build and hold as part of your property portfolio.
Other benefits include reduced upfront costs and quicker time frames compared undertaking a development proposal.
When considering whether subdivision is the right option for you it is important to know the following:
1.  Are there any covenants registered on title? If so do they prevent subdivision or more than one dwelling on the land?
2.  What is the minimum subdivision area? Depending on the site zoning this could be 300 square metres, 500 square metres or even 1 hectare.
If you cannot meet the minimum subdivision area you may still be able to subdivide subject to development plans being prepared by a building designer or architect.
3.  Is there an existing dwelling to be retained on the land? If so, is there sufficient width for a driveway to access the rear of the property? Will the existing dwelling retain sufficient open space and off-street car parking?
4.  Where are services located i.e. power, water, sewer etc? Depending on the size of lots being created sewer and water mains may need to be extended so it’s a look idea to investigate this early on in the process.

The above questions are only a few or many considerations when weighing up the possibility of subdivision in Geelong & surrounds.

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