Feasibility Studies (subdivision proposals)

Subdivision Feasibility

At Evolve Town Planning we can assist you to determining the possibility of subdividing your land.

With state planning policy geared towards urban consolidation an attractive option for land owners is to subdivide their property into two lots whilst retaining an existing dwelling.

Although in theory a two lot subdivision sounds  simple and straight forward there are however a number of factors which need to be considered including,  minimum allotment sizes, sufficient access width, amenity requirements such as car parking and secluded private open space, location of windows, eave over hang etc..

To assist clients we can undertake the following tasks:

  1. Attend Site – take photographs / measurements etc discuss options / answer client questions
  2. Prepare basic feasibility plan (aerial format) to determine development pathway i.e. subdivision or development and subdivision and report of likelihood of success

Our fee to undertake a basic assessment as set out above is $1,000 + GST.  This strictly applies to Geelong and surrounding areas only.

Please contact us if you have any question, and remember our feasibility investigations can be adapted for an additional charge to include, review of title for restrictions and to attending a pre-application meeting with Council etc.

Please note the above picture does not reflect a basic feasibility plan but has been taken from a site survey.  In some instances a site survey is required before we can advise on the possibility of subdivision.

If you would like feature survey of your property please contact us for a quotation.

Let's work on your exciting new project together!